Today: December 17, 2018


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Live Music

With a wealth of live music at tamarindo nightlife has been described as many things — fast-paced, fantastic, fun — but never boring. No matter what part of  tamarindo and the Beaches you’re in, it’s easy to find live music.



Pangas Beach Club

Located on the sands of north Tamarindo beach, Pangas is a breezy beach club by day and a relaxed restaurant and bar by night. Whether grabbing an afternoon beer in your board shorts or enjoying a candlelit dinner in the dining room, Pangas has something for everyone.


Phone: 2653 0024 / E-mail:



Pangas Beach Club

El Coconut

The place where quality meets passion – Here is where you find casual fine dining at its best.

The setting could just as well be in LA or Paris; beautiful teak terracing, all handmade wood furnishing and the shining cobber from the bar and the lamps give that warmth and good feeling we all enjoy.


Main Street / Across the street from Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, Tamarindo (Costa Rica)

Phone: 2653 0086




 Vulcano Restaurant



Main Street /30 meters before the circle, Tamarindo (Costa Rica)

Phone: 2653 0056



 El Garito

A  so-intimate lounge with seemingly divergent house and punk music cravings in Plaza Tamarindo.


Hotel Pasatiempo is a charming bed & breakfast in Playa Tamarindo just 5 minutes walk to the beach in the quiet part of town. The hotel features a central pool area with a natural stone and teak deck, a full service bar/restaurant “Monkey La-La” in a natural palm “rancho”.


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