Today: December 17, 2018


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Surf Spots

Tamarindo is the best beach to learn to surf in Costa Rica. The main beach break offers the best place for beginners: it is located between the Diria Hotel and the Estuary. In the most southern part of the beach is the hotel Capitan Suizo, in front of it there is another beach break with lefts and rights that works at both medium and high tides.

This beach is perfect for families, groups of friends or anyone that wants to learn surfing. Tamarindo has shopping centers, banks, restaurants, Spanish language schools and many bars, so apart from surfing, you can choose from a myriad of other activities.

Tamarindo is not just for beginners; with medium or large swells we can find many more surf spots on this beach:

Henry’s point: this reef break needs large swells; only surfable at high tide, long and perfect wave.

Location : in front of the Zully Mar Restaurant.

Pico Pequeno: it is a beach break, it breaks in front of some rocks, but on a sandbar. It works with small and middle swells, mid to high tide. It is favored by the locals, where some kids show us their potential.

Location:  opposite the Aqua club

Pico Grande: I tis a Point Break that needs medium to large swells, works better at mid to high tide. It is a right that starts around the rocks behind Pico Pequeno.

Location:  opposite the Aqua club.

La Casita:  This Beach Break produces rights and lefts and with good swells gets really good. For those afraid of crocodiles, we recommend crossing by boat for a dollar.

Location: 100 meters North, crossing the estuary.

Tamarindo Rivermouth (El Estero): This is the first break as you drive into town. Best on upcoming medium tide and a strong northwest (rare) or combo swell, but it’s good on souths too (which is mostly what you get). Good rights peel from outside the
rivermouth just off the reef and get fast and sometimes hollow, especially with winter offshores. The lefts go into the rivermouth from the south, fast and sometimes hollow, too. But it all depends on the sand bars, of course, and they’re good four out of five years.

Location: back of the shop bikini shop

Isla Capitán: Talk about perfect offshore reef barrels… Everyone who has ever come to Tamarindo has gazed at the lefts breaking off the north side of the little deserted island out in Tamarindo Bay, and wondered why no one surfs it. Get to the right vantage point and you will see rights breaking off the south side of the island too, but the lefts are better. . If you stay at Cala Luna or Sueño del Mar Bed & Breakfast the paddle is way shorter as they are out near the point. Breaks best at higher tides. Something else cool about Isla Capitán: At low tide the rights and lefts wrap around the island and break over a little reef into each other like clapping hands.  And you can ride these waves into each other. Hey, it’s something to do on a low tide, blown out afternoon.

Location: Just hop in a boat or paddle 20 to 30 minutes from the beach in front of Casa Cook’s and Capitán Suizo


Come and improve your surfing skills while saving time and money by letting us take you to the best local surf spots. From uncrowded barrel beach breaks to more demanding reef and point set ups such as the legendary Witches Rock and Ollies Point, We can take you to the best surfing spots the region has to offer.